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Ottawa March Break Activities 2014

posted Feb 4, 2014, 7:47 AM by Capital Kids   [ updated Mar 6, 2014, 7:57 AM ]

Ottawa March Break Activities 2014

Looking for something to do in the City of Ottawa for March break 2014?  Check out the following March Break Activities, visit our event calendar for more details:

Friday, March 7
 Barnyard Break  (Agriculture Museum)
Saturday, March 8
 Barnyard Break  (Agriculture Museum)
Sunday, March 9
 Daylight Saving Time starts
 Barnyard Break  (Agriculture Museum)
Monday, March 10
 Barnyard Break (Agriculture Museum)
Tuesday, March 11
 Barnyard Break   (Agriculture Museum)
Thursday, March 13
 Barnyard Break  (Agriculture Museum)
Saturday, March 15
 Barnyard Break (Agriculture Museum)
Sunday, March 16
 Barnyard Break  (Agriculture Museum)

Barnyard Break (Canada Agriculture Museum)

The Ottawa Public Library is offering some great free March Break activities including the following:
Search their website to find out what is going on at a branch near you (note that registration is required for some sessions)

Playing With Polymers
Workshop presented by Radical Science. Rubbery, sticky, stretchy and bouncy! See how far you can stretch our homemade polymer. Ages 6-12. Registration.

Light Fantastic
Workshop offered by Radical Science. Explore prisms, refractions, white light, bending light and the light spectrum. Working with safe, mini laser pointers, flashlights, mirrors and fog, children will be able to see a whole new world of light right before their eyes! Ages 6-12.

Crazy Chemistry
Workshop presented by Radical Science. Get out your goggles for some surprising reactions! Ages 6-12. Registration.

Professor Wick's School of Magic
Join the amazing Professor Wick for a magic workshop where you will learn the history of magic and how to perform tricks of your own. Ages 6-12. Registration.

La magie de Luc Leduc The Duke of Magic
Join Luc Leduc for a colorful and action packed show featuring a dove, a rabbit and lots of audience participation! Ages 4-12. Registration. / Rejoignez Luc Leduc pour un spectacle stupéfiant, très intéractif et bourré d'action avec une colombe et un lapin!

The Magic of Michael Bourada / La magie de Michael Bourada
Don't miss Michael Bourada's interactive show featuring amazing magic, live animals and lots of laugh out loud moments! Ages 4-12. Registration. / Ne manquez pas le spectacle interactif de Michael Bourada. Du plaisir pour toute la famille! Pour les 4-12 ans.

Amazement Labs Presents
Amazement Specialist, Chris Pilsworth, presents the weird, the wild and the wonderful! His team, of mad scientists, has pulled out all the stops for this show. Featured demonstrations include the rubber duck of danger, the silver hoops of Madagascar and a live singing bottle!

Magic with the Amazing Aleckazam
Aleckazam will mesmerize you with her unbelievable magic tricks! Ages 4-12. Registration.

Paper Magic
The surprising power of paper. Ages 7-12.

Now you see it...
Can you trust your senses? Ages 7-12.

Midway Magic / Carrousel magique
Step right up and be amazed! Magic program for kids 7-12 years old. / Vas-y, fonce et sois surpris! Programme de magie pour les 7-12 ans

Magical stories, activities and crafts from near and far for 4-6 year olds. / Merveilleux contes, activités et bricolages d'ici et d'ailleurs pour les 4-6 ans.

Lego® Block Party / Ça dé « bloc »
Building boom: show off your architectural creativity with Lego®. Ages 6 to 12. Registration / Archiboum! Architectes en herbe, à vos Lego®! Pour les 6 à 12 ans. Inscription.

Game On! (March Break)
Play card games, board games or Wii games at the library. Ages 6-12.

Amazing Science
Stories, activities and crafts that show the magic of science. Ages 4-6.

Witches, Wizards and Ogres / Sorcières, enchanteurs et ogres
Your all-time favourite magical characters and creatures. Ages 7-9. / Rencontre tes créatures et personnages fantastiques préférés de tous les temps. Pour les 7-9 ans

Magical Manga and more / La magie des mangas et plus…
Crafts and activities that bring graphic novels to life. Ages 10-12. / La B.D. prend vie à travers bricolage et activités. Pour les 10-12 ans.

Believe it or not / Incroyable mais … vrai
Fact or fiction? You decide! Ages 10-12. / Démêle le vrai du faux. Pour les 10-12 ans.
See full details: Believe it or not / Incroyable mais … vrai

You Can't Catch Me!
Stories, activities and crafts featuring tricksters big and small.

Victorian Fortune Telling
In the Victorian times every good party had amazing fortune telling games. Practice telling your friend's fortunes and learn how the Victorians used them to celebrate special occasions. Ages 6-12. Registration.

The Magic of Movies and Sound Effects
The movie phenomemon gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s as silent-movies gave way to "talkies". Find out how the foley artist reproduced sounds for movies using props and sets. Offered in English by bilingual staff. Ages 9-12. Registration.

Illuminating History
Take a magical journey through the history of light! See how light was used throughout the ages, take in a traditional Magic Lantern show, and make your own tin lantern to take home. Ages 6-12. Registration.