Splash Pads

Ottawa Splash Pads open May 16, 2014

Splash Pads

City splash pads are now open

Effective May 16, the City of Ottawa will open the majority of its splash pads that will operate from 9 am to 9 pm daily through to September 17 (weather permitting).

Exceptions to opening:

  • Stanstead Park (open weekends only starting May 30, and weekly from June 21 – August 26)
  • Lincoln Heights
  • Roy Duncan
  • Brewer Upper Pad
  • Whitehaven


There seems to be high demand for information regarding the City of Ottawa's splash pads and wading pools.  This summer, we're taking on a project that involves compiling an inventory of  the City's splash pads and wading pools. So far, some of the best splash pads in Ottawa are Brewer, Centrepointe, Plant, and Citiplace (see below for details).  

We encourage you to submit your own photos and reviews of splash pads and/or wading pools that you have visited email: info@capitalkids.ca
For a complete list of the City of Ottawa's splash pads and pools (including map) see http://ottawa.ca/en/rec_culture/park_facility/parks/splash_wading/splash_pads/index.htmlhttp://ottawa.ca/en/rec_culture/park_facility/parks/splash_wading/splash_pads/index.html
Citiplace Splash Pad, 285 Citiplace Drive, Ottawa
Features: Includes a windmill, a couple of fountains, a spraying loop.  The water rotates around to the different features.
Other:  Citiplace is a brand spanking new splash pad.  There is a great play structure located here.  There are no bathroom facilities here.  As of June 2011, there is some construction going on in the area, so if your kids are into watching cranes etc, this is the place to be. 
Parking: On the street parking is available and ample. 
Centrepointe Splash Pad, 260 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, ON, Ottawa
Features: Includes a tipping bucket, a couple of fountains, a spraying loop, whale tail with spray, a bird that showers water down. The water rotates around to the different features.
Other: There is a great play structure located here. There is also a little building with bathrooms.
Parking: Parking lot for the park with free parking.
Plant Splash Pad, 930 Somerset West Ottawa

Features: The Plant splash pad is a definite favourite. Features include a spraying fire hydrant, overhead spray, a rainbow that sprays down, and several fountains that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Other: The play structure here is acceptable. If you get hungry, there is a pizza place located right across the road. There are bathrooms at the Plant recreation centre.

Parking: Parking is a bit of everything from meters to one hour on the street. But you should be able to find something.

Owl Park Splash Pad, 185 Owl Drive, Ottawa

Features: The Owl Park Splash Pad has several different fountains that shoot out water when the button is pressed. It is quite large and the middle fills up with a few inches of water for the kids to splash around in.

Other: There are a couple of play structures here including a pirate ship themed one, and a tire swing. There is also a little building with bathrooms.

Parking:Available on the street and probably in the school parking lot during off hours.

Brewer Park
Splash Pad, 100 Brewer, Ottawa

Brewer Splash Pad- renovations are complete and open for business (July 7, 2012).  

Features: The multi-level Brewer splash pad has everything from overhead spray, tipping buckets, a water slide to a cannon which the kids can aim and shoot.

Other: There are several fabulous play structures here for kids of all ages.

  McCarthy Splash Pad, 3320 Paul Anka, Ottawa

Features: Frog loop with spray and fountain. 

Other: The McCarthy splash pad is quite new and probably the smallest one visited so far. There is a decent play structure located here. If you need to use the bathroom, the splash pad is located right beside the Hunt Club-Riverside Community Centre. If you need a snack or to do some grocery shopping, there is a Metro across the street.

Parking: Community Centre has a parking lot.

 Pauline Vanier Wading Pool, 1015 Harkness, Ottawa

June & July: weekdays: 11:30 am - 6 pm; August: 11:30 am - 5 pm Closed: Sundays & Mondays

Features: The Pauline Vanier Wading Pool is separated into two sections by a fence. One side has about 6 inches of water and is good for babies to splash around in. The other side is about 2 feet deep and bigger kids can swim around in it.

Other: The staff here is awesome and will do crafts or play games with your kids if they need a break from the water. There is also a little building with bathrooms.

Parking: Ample parking is available on the street.

Greenboro Park (Right Behind the Greenboro Library), 363 Lorry Greenberg Dr, Ottawa
Features:  Splash pad and wading pool at the same location. 
Other: Located right behind the Greenboro Library, you could spend the whole day here.

Winterwood Park, 1844 Johnston Rd, Ottawa

Features: This splash pad has a few different stations including a fire hydrant and a cannon the kids can point and shoot.


Stanstead Park Splash Pad, 861 Stanstead, Ottawa

Features: At this splash pad, there is only one post with three water jets. You have to be pressing the button for water to spray out. If you take your finger off the button, the water stops.


Arnott Park Splash Pad, 691 Hartman, Ottawa

Features: No bells and whistles here, just one post that sprays water out of it when you press the button.

Walden Park Splash Pad, 130 walden drive, kanata


 Rideauview Park Wading Pool, 960 Eiffel, Ottawa

Features: Wading pool with small play structure and limited shade.

Carleton Heights wading pool,1665 Appledoorn, Ottawa

Features: There are trees shading part of the pool and deck so you can get the kids out of the sun after their swim. There is a decent play structure here, and washrooms located in the adjacent community center.